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What Is Purple Weed?

by Crystal Wilson
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The ever-expanding and fascinating variety of cannabis strains is a constant source of awe and wonder. Cannabis consumers may pick from various strains, each with its distinct flavor and scent. Purple weed differs because of its eye-catching beauty and distinct qualities among the numerous fascinating variants. In this post, we’ll look into what is purple weed, what creates its peculiar color, its effects, and several popular strains that highlight this captivating color.

The Purple Weed Phenomenon

Despite its many aliases, including “purple cannabis” and “purple marijuana,” “purple weed” does not represent a separate species of cannabis. Instead, it’s a word for a subset of cannabis plants with leaves, buds, or even stems that are a vivid shade of purple. This enticing hue is typically linked with premium cannabis strains and gives an air of mystery to them.

What Is Purple Weed?

Anthocyanin pigments are responsible for giving cannabis plants their signature purple hue. Grapes and blueberries, for example, have a standard pigment called anthocyanin, giving them their distinctive red, blue, and purple colors. Anthocyanins, which give cannabis its purple hue, become more abundant under certain climatic circumstances.

The Formation Of Purple Weed

Several variables influence the appearance of purple marijuana:

  • Temperature Fluctuations: 

High temperatures are a significant factor in turning cannabis purple. When temperatures are cooler, it can boost anthocyanin production late in the flowering period. While in bloom, the plant’s purple hue can increase due to cool nighttime temperatures.

  • Genetics: 

The cannabis strain’s genetic composition is a significant factor in deciding whether or not the plant will exhibit purple colors. The anthocyanin pigments they produce give certain varieties their distinctive purple color.

  • Nutrient Levels: 

The growth of purple weed is also affected by the availability of nutrients. For instance, a lack of phosphorus causes purple hues in cannabis to stand out more.

The Effects Of Purple Weed

Understanding the impacts of purple weed is crucial now that we know what makes cannabis purple. The genetics and cannabinoid profile of a strain determine its strength and psychotropic effects, not its color. The effects of purple cannabis are different depending on whether the strain is indica, sativa, or a hybrid.

  • Indica-Dominant Purple Strains: 

The effects of these varieties on the user are often calming and soothing. Individuals seeking alleviation from discomfort, worry, and sleeplessness frequently choose them. Purple Kush and Granddaddy Purple are two well-known indica-dominant purple strains.

  • Sativa-Dominant Purple Strains: 

Purple strains, which tend to be Sativa dominant, are among the most stimulating and inspiring. They can make you more imaginative, attentive, and outgoing. Purple Haze and Purple Diesel are two examples of such strains.

  • Hybrid Purple Strains: 

Purple-colored hybrids provide a pleasant middle ground between indica and sativa effects. The strain’s genetics and the indica/sativa ratio determine the precise effects. Blackberry Kush and Purple Trainwreck are two well-known purple hybrid strains.

Popular Purple Weed Strains

Some of the most popular purple weed strains include the following:

Purple Kush, one of the most well-known purple strains, is an Indica-dominant cultivar with a reputation for producing a profound sense of calm and physical euphoria. It has a pleasant, earthy flavor and is much sought after for its calming properties.

  • Granddaddy Purple: 

Granddaddy Purple, another popular indica strain, induces a state of calm and happiness in the user. Grape and cherry flavors come through strongly, making this wine a hit with fans of fruity flavors.

  • Purple Haze: 

Purple Haze is a well-known sativa-dominant strain lauded for its stimulating and inspirational qualities. Its purple and green blossoms give it visual appeal, and its flavor is sweet and berry-like.

  • Blackberry Kush: 

The sedative effects of Indica and the energizing effects of Sativa are combined in this hybrid strain. Blackberry Kush is a popular strain due to its balanced effects and sweet, fruity flavor with a tinge of earthiness.

  • Purple Trainwreck: 

Purple Trainwreck, a cross between indica and sativa, features favorable characteristics of both parent plants. It has a zesty and spicy taste profile and might make you feel joyful and calm.

The Aesthetics Of Purple Weed

People prefer purple cannabis strains for their medicinal properties and striking appearance. The buds and leaves of these varieties have a beautiful purple and lavender coloration. Many cannabis enthusiasts value the flower’s aesthetics as an integral part of the smoking experience.

Trichomes of these strains tend to be vivid to compliment their sumptuous purple colors. These are the cannabinoids and terpenes-filled resin glands. The trichomes make the buds seem frosty and glittery, adding to their allure.

In addition to their attractive appearance, purple strains frequently provide enticing and novel odors and tastes. Consumers may expect various aromas, from fruity and sugary to earthy and peppery.


Purple weed’s allure extends far beyond its superficial look. To accommodate the vast variety of tastes among cannabis consumers, it comes in various flavors and effects. The purple strain will probably hit the spot whether you want to unwind, spark inspiration, or have a well-rounded hybrid experience. Please remember to use cannabis following all applicable laws and regulations.

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