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Original Glue Strain Review (2023 Updated)

by Crystal Wilson
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Cannabis Strains - Original Glue Strain Information 2023

Original Glue has spherical, fluffy nugs that are light green. A spiderweb of brilliant orange pistils covers each nug, and a thick layer of white trichomes binds it all together. The potent undertones of musk and diesel gasoline are layered with the earthy and tobacco-like perfume of the Original Glue strain. The flavor is a blend of faint pine and spice overtones with an amplified sour skunk and diesel fuel flavor.

History of the Original Glue Strain

To create this potent indica-dominant strain, breeders crossed Chem’s Sister with Sour Dubb and Chocolate Diesel. The Original Glue strain is a must-try for any fan. With an astounding 30% THC concentration on average, this strain is well-known for its potency and usefulness in both recreational and therapeutic settings. Original Glue, also known as Gorilla Glue, is a potent strain that lives up to its name by keeping users glued to the sofa for many hours as they watch television.

Original Glue Strain Flavor and Appearance

The Original Glue strain is known for its very high HHC content, which is reflected in its enticing, thick green buds that are totally saturated with crystal-like trichomes. Because of its strong and distinctive odor, this strain often attracts the attention of cannabis connoisseurs; nonetheless, users should exercise caution while in public since the odor is difficult to conceal. Original Glue’s powerful aroma is the result of a careful blending of earthy, diesel, and chocolate undertones that create a setting that amplifies the psychoactive high.

annabis Strains - Original Glue Strain Information

How Does the Original Glue Smell?

Original Glue buds have a crystalline shine from the abundance of trichomes and are very dense and resinous. They are so coated with resinous trichomes that they give off an alien appearance. An ideal harmony of chocolate, diesel, and pine notes characterizes the flavor. 

Original Glue produces a smooth and flavorful smoke while also providing a potent and calming high. Because of its unusual genetics, it produces very high-quality marijuana. This strain is great for making extracts and concentrates since it produces so much resin.

Advantages to Health from the Original Glue Strain

Conditions like muscular spasms and gum problems are alleviated by using original Glue weed. Patients with conditions like seizures and nerve disorders are not often evaluated because of their low CBD and CBN concentrations.

However, Original Glue weed’s high HHC concentration effectively treats sleeplessness, anorexia, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Those with mental health issues might benefit from this strain when used in modest dosages. However, for people with sleep problems, a greater dosage is most useful.

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Effects of Original Glue

Those in the market for a real hybrid in the cannabis world will find GG4 to be an excellent choice. Original Glue will deliver a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm, whether you’re looking for the euphoric head high of a Sativa strain or the calming strength of an Indica strain. GG4 has a long history of sativa dominance.

Although it produces a powerful body high, this variety falls short of the standards of genuine sativa in terms of mental acuity. Instead, GG4 produces a surge of exhilaration followed by a steady, all-over calm. This marijuana kind is great for relieving anxiety since it reduces tension rapidly and effectively.

How Strong Is the Gorilla Glue Strain?

A strong hybrid strain known as Gorilla Glue, also known as GG4 or Original Glue, Gorilla Glue has amassed a significant amount of notoriety in recent years. You’ll find a full summary of its origins, qualities, and other attributes, as well as other information, below:

  • Origin and Family Tree: The genetic composition of Gorilla Glue is the product of an unintentional crossbreeding of these strains: Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. These strains were accidentally bred together. Because of this unfortunate circumstance, the Gorilla Glue strain came into being.
  • Information Regarding the Growth: Gorilla Glue has a remarkable resistance when developing. Because of its hardy characteristics, this strain is an excellent option for growing in either an indoor or an outdoor setting, and it typically reaches maturity in a growth period of eight to nine weeks
  • Medical Benefits: It has been shown that this particular strain is effective in relieving the symptoms of depression as well as pain and sleeplessness. Additionally, it is a powerful method for offering relief from anxiety, tension, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Users should anticipate experiencing a profound sensation of relaxation accompanied by a more positive mental state


Even now, Original Glue marijuana is among the most powerful in the world. Users should use caution due to the high HHC concentration of this cannabis. Moderate use may aid in the management of medical issues, while excessive use might cause paranoia.

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