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How to Inhale Marijuana? (2023 Guide)

by Crystal Wilson
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how to inhale marijuana?

Are you planning your first perfect high ever? Watching the weed enthusiast with years of smoking experience can make inhaling marijuana look so easy. But did you know it is nothing like smoking a cigarette? A wrong puff can be painful and, thus, requires conscious effort to ensure the weed reaches your lungs and nowhere else. In this article, we’ll give you a perfect guide on how to inhale marijuana smoothly.

So, whether you are a rookie to the cannabis world, looking forward to increasing your high, or only feeding your curiosity, this guide will assist you through every inhale and exhale.

How Is Smoking a Cigarette Different from a Joint?

The fundamental difference between a cigarette and a joint is that the latter gives you a euphoric high while a cigarette does not. When it comes to smoking activity, the process is analogous to inhaling or sucking in the weed and then exhaling or breathing out a white cloud.

Relating to inhaling weed, is much heavier and more extreme than a basic cigarette. Moreover, the speed is also an essential differential factor when inhaling. Smoking a joint draws a much calmer and chill picture with a slow inhalation, while smoking a cigarette is full of rapid puffs and anxious flicking with quick inhales.

How to Inhale Marijuana: The Perfect Inhalation and Exhalation 

The art of smoking marijuana is truly an extraordinary experience. It requires concentration and some practice to inhale correctly. Most beginners often start correctly with a gentle puff, but things go wrong when they do nothing but sit with their mouths full of smoke before breathing it all out.

How to Inhale Marijuana?

Meanwhile, others swallow the smoke, which reaches the stomach and makes them feel sick instead of high. Doing so will waste your time, cause unpleasantness, and waste valuable THC. Therefore, for the best effects, continue inhaling the smoke in your mouth and inhale the smoke until your lungs are full. Also, read about the THC percentage chart to get a clear idea about how much THC you’re inhaling.

Don’t forget to inhale fresh air using your nose while your mouth is still closed. And once you reach the maximum inhalation, hang on to it for a minute. Then, slowly blow out the smoke super slowly. It will take some practice, but when you can regulate your smoke cloud, you will experience more elevated effects.

Common Struggles of Inhalation 

Whether using a pipe, vape, blunt, joint, or spliff to inhale weed, improper inhalation can lead to undesirable discomfort and a poor-quality user experience. Some of the battles that newbies may suffer include:

1. A Fit of Coughing:

Coughing with inhalation is a common weed experience. You can, however, try to avoid it by starting with limited inhalations, as your body and lungs are still new to this experience. Then, gradually increase your inhalation tolerance for building cough resistance.

2. A Burning Sensation in The Throat:

Beginners also suffer a burning throat after inhaling their weed for the first time. The hot puff from your joint enters your esophagus, causing a burning sensation. Therefore, first-time users should prefer a blubber or bong, as the water helps filter the marijuana smoke. It also cools the smoke before it reaches your lungs, lowering the burning.

How to Inhale Marijuana?

Top Methods to Choose for Smoking Joint

When it concerns inhaling marijuana, you can find various methods. One of the popular methods is smoking a joint. This section will discuss the top three basic approaches:

  • Joints

The most popular method of inhaling Mary Jane is crushing, rolling, and smoking up! Unlike cigarettes, you must light its end to take a hit. Lit the joint by holding its tip over the flame and rotating it slowly to ensure it burns evenly. This guarantees it also burns down uniformly. Now, you can take a couple of gentle puffs before sharing it with your friends.

  • Bongs

Another fantastic method to try inhaling your marijuana is by using bongs. These offer an intense experience, with every puff containing more smoke. It comprises a stem connected to a bowl at the bottom. Add cannabis to its compartment and light it up.

To draw the smoke in, place the stem near your mouth. Don’t forget to inhale fresh air for a powerful hit. After reaching the maximum, pull the bowl and keep inhaling the rest of the smoke.

  • Bowls

Bowls and bongs are alike in concept but are still very different. Unlike the bongs, they may not be as intense. They also comprise a stem with a bowl at the tip. Now, before adding cannabis to the bowl, you will need a grinder to crush the weed.

The bowl has a tiny hole on the side. You will need to cover it before placing the mouthpiece in your mouth. On the other hand, light the crushed bud in the bowl and, at the same time, inhale gently. When you get a fiery feeling, release the little hole to let in fresh air to help you breathe in the smoke.

How to Inhale Marijuana?


When new to the weed realm, you may make a few mistakes that will leave you with a bad cough, a burning throat, and no high. You can now hit the sweet spot and get a pleasurable experience. Don’t forget, slow and steady wins the best high!

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