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How Much Is An Eighth Of Weed?

by Crystal Wilson
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How Much Is An Eighth Of Weed?

The many units of measurement and jargon used in the cannabis community frequently baffle outsiders. Many people have trouble answering the question, “How much is an eighth of weed?” due to the complexities of cannabis measuring systems ranging from grams to ounces. It is essential to know what an eighth is, whether you are a seasoned cannabis fan or a novice to recreational or medical marijuana. This article will explain in detail what an eighth of marijuana is, how much it costs, and what variables contribute to that price.

The Basics Of Cannabis Measurement: Breaking Down An Eighth

Buying and smoking marijuana in increments of an eighth, or just an “eighth,” is widespread. Put another way, it’s equal to a quarter of an ounce of marijuana. An eighth of marijuana weighs around 3.5 grams, based on the industry standard of one ounce (28 grams). The cannabis market has accepted this measurement standard, making shopping for your favorite strains simple.

An eighth is not a fictitious number. It finds a happy medium between meeting consumers’ needs for cannabis and keeping prices low. If you use marijuana infrequently or in modest doses, this is generally the perfect quantity for personal use. There is usually enough marijuana in an eighth to fill a vaporizer, a few bowls, or a few joints.

What is the Cost Of An Eighth Of Weed?

The cost of an eighth of marijuana can fluctuate widely depending on several variables. Location, legality, strain popularity, and strain quality are all crucial considerations. Here are some of the main factors that affect the price of an eighth of weed:

1. Geographic Location: 

The location of the store where the eighth is purchased is perhaps the most crucial factor in determining its price. An eighth is often cheaper in states like Colorado and California, where cannabis is legal and widely available. In contrast, the risk associated with cannabis production, delivery, and sales may lead to higher pricing in regions where the drug is still banned or subject to strict regulation.

2. Strain Popularity And Quality: 

How Much Is An Eighth Of Weed?

The cost of an eighth ounce of marijuana might vary widely depending on the strain. In general, premium and in-demand strains cost more. In addition, the price and whole experience can drastically change with the bud’s quality. Top-shelf, well-cured cannabis is more expensive than its lesser-grade counterparts.

3. Quantity Discounts: 

Getting bulk buy deals at some stores or dispensaries is possible. As a result, if you’re willing to buy in more significant quantities, such as a quarter (7 grams) or a half-ounce (14 grams), you can save money per gram. Those who utilize weed frequently or want to cut costs, in the long run, might benefit from these reductions.

4. Cannabis Trends: 

Cannabis prices, like those of any other commodity, are susceptible to shifts in supply and demand. Changes in cost might result from the introduction of newer strains or the development of innovative cultivating techniques.

How Much Is An Eighth Of Weed: Price Range

The elements described above can significantly impact the price of an eighth of the pot; therefore, it’s helpful to have some context when discussing this topic. Here’s a ballpark figure to work with:

1. Low-End Eighth: 

You can purchase low-quality eighths for as little as $20 to $40 in states where cannabis is legal and widely available. These are often less well-known or low-quality varieties.

2. Mid-Range Eighth: 

In legitimate marketplaces, an eighth of ordinary pot often costs between $30 to $60. You may get a wide selection of strains and tastes in this price range.

3. High-End Eighth: 

The price of an eighth of high-quality cannabis can range from $50 to $80 or more for premium strains such as purple OG, original glue, and blue coffee strains. These selections often undergo careful cultivation and include unique terpene profiles and effects.

4. Black Market Pricing: 

Due to the increased dangers of the underground market, the cost of an eighth of cannabis is sometimes much higher in still-illegal places. Depending on supply and demand, the price of an eighth might range from $50 to $100 or more.

Remember that these are only estimates and that final costs might go up or down based on specifics in your area. Seasonal shifts, changes in farming practices, and the aftermath of natural catastrophes or pandemics can all cause swings.


In the ever-changing cannabis industry, consumers need to know how much an eighth of weed costs. It strikes a good balance between cost and quantity, making it a practical and generally recognized unit of measurement.

However, remember that the cost of an eighth varies widely depending on factors such as your location, the legality of cannabis in your state, the strain you choose, and the quality you desire. These elements will influence weed prices per eighth and beyond as the cannabis business develops and changes.

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