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Does Weed Kill Gains?

by Crystal Wilson
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Does Weed Kill Gains?

Bodybuilding and fitness are extremely grueling. People who are very serious about physique, such as bodybuilders or athletes, are obsessed and disciplined about their fitness. They spend a lot of time and energy achieving their goal in gyms and different cardio training.

But no matter how much physique they maintain, they are also human and experience many mental challenges like anxiety, stress, lack of motivation, and even the huge pressure of competition, winning, and success.

In such cases, they intake Cannabis considering as a stress reliever. But most bodybuilders often wonder whether or not they should include Cannabis in their workout routine. They wanted to know does weed kill gains or not. So, let’s dive deeper to learn the facts without wasting time. 

Does Weed Kill Gains?


The Effects of Marijuana on Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is an excellent and popular act where people are involved in hard-core practice and enhance one’s physique through the heavy lifting, training, and strict diets. Learn whether weed have calories or not?

Nutrition is indeed crucial to keep your mind and body healthy. But for the mind, bodybuilders opt to intake Cannabis. There are also so many conflicts about marijuana and the results these could bring and hamper the progress and health of the bodybuilders or athletes in the gym. Here’s what we should know. 

Weed and Muscle Growth: Does Weed Kill Gains?

Cannabis consumption does not seem to it could affect muscle growth. However, it has the potential for many factors like appetite and body hormones. However, it may affect your overall bodybuilding journey.

If you want to experience hypertrophy for your bodybuilding journey, you have to follow a strict plan and heavy lifting program that emphasizes the overall progressive growth of muscles. Also, you must eat a proper portion of the meal besides prioritizing the protein intake. Adequate rest and recovery are also important. 

In all these things, Cannabis may help a bodybuilder or an athlete to achieve those goals by increasing their appetite and assisting in better sleep and muscle recovery, which, as a result, could help by increasing the size of the muscles.

Weed and Workout Performance

Whether marijuana boosts or impacts an athlete’s performance is still under concern. Some people believe that weeds negatively affect the body and make athletes lazy. They even state that it causes fatigue. Many people, like professional sports persons or bodybuilders, label Cannabis as an excellent performance-enhancing drug. 

Weed helps the bodybuilders to lift more weight and build muscle mass. But when it comes to fitness, prolonged Cannabis could increase the chances of depression and even cause many other physical side effects.


How Does Weed Impact On Muscle Inflammation? 

Inflammation is a natural thing that generally occurs in any human being. But the chances are high of muscle inflammation who work out intensely. Muscle injuries are common with bodybuilders; they need to heal it for strength again. As the muscle cells ruptured, they produce waste materials in the body, which get flushed out through an inflammatory response.

Inflammation increases the blood flow in the affected areas, providing the muscles with the required oxygen and energy to repair themselves. Thankfully, CBD present in cannabis products has some anti-inflammatory properties, which help in exercise-related pain relief and deal with muscle inflammation.

Should Bodybuilders Use Cannabis?

Bodybuilders can have many potential benefits from marijuana, such as an increased appetite, pain relief, and reduced muscle spasms. 

Many athletes also find Cannabis for workout routine a healthier option for muscle recovery because of its anti-inflammatory effects. If you want to stay consistent and motivated in the gym, these can help you with that, too. 

However, some researchers suggest that the regular use of Cannabis is prone to exercise. It means people who do not intake weed can perform better in gyms. There is no such evidence that Cannabis could increase exercise performance. So, there does not seem to be a correlation between marijuana and the gym. 

Lots of future research is needed from the scientific community to Solidify the beneficial effects of Cannabis that could positively help bodybuilders, sports performers, and professional athletes. 

Therefore, if you are unsure whether you should include marijuana in your routine, you can discuss it with your coach about it. They may recommend you to have it to grow your appetite. But, if you are solely concerned about your muscles or gains, these plants can impact your bodybuilding journey. 


Based on different information and available sources available over the internet, it can be concluded that there is still more. We still need more research to get a full understanding of how marijuana or weeds can affect muscle growth. 

According to recent research and evidence, marijuana might be considered a healthy option for relaxed muscles. However, there are possibilities to have a demotion in athletic performance because of smoking weed. So, being ready for both the positive and negative consequences is advisable. 

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