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Does Weed Have Calories?

by Crystal Wilson
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The growing trend of fitness and well-being often leads to cutting down on calories to reach fitness or wellness goals. So, if you are a weed user looking for ways to reduce your calorie intake, you might be curious to know whether weed has calories. There might be questions in your head like “does weed have calories” or “how much calories does weed have”

This guide will discuss the calorie count of weed and weed products such as joints, vapes, weed edibles, and other related products, so keep reading!

Does Weed Have Calories?


What Is the Calorie Content of Weed? 

Before we answer the question- ‘does weed have calories?’ we will briefly talk about weed’s calorie content. If we talk about the calorie content of raw weed, you will be happy to hear that it contains very low calories. The average calorie count of weed per ounce or gram is zero. However, the calorie count can vary depending on the weed strain; however, it still may not significantly impact your calorie intake.

Does weed have Calories? Nutritional Value of Weed 

Cannabis or weed has multiple nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and carbohydrates. But they are present in such a low quality that they can not create any significant change in your dietary plan.

  • ProteinWeed have some traces of protein, but the amount is very low and insufficient to make any noticeable change in your dietary requirements.
  • Carbs – Like protein, weeds also have carbohydrates in a smaller percentage. So, it does not cause any significant change in your diet.

Can Cannabis Increase Your Weight?

If you wonder whether weed or cannabis consumption can increase your weight, then you will feel relieved to know that Cannabis (raw) does not create any significant change in your diet. It has minimal calories but will not directly increase your weight. However, it can indirectly promote weight gain by increasing appetite. Also, cannabis edibles can add up to your calorie intake due to the additional ingredients such as sugar, flour, butter, etc.

Method of Ingestion

The calorie you get from weed varies depending on the method of weed consumption. Because different weed ingestion method has different calorie count. Here are the details of various weed ingestion and calorie intake related to it-

Calories from Smoking Weed 

Let’s make it clear that smoking weed does not add up to your calorie intake, but it can increase your appetite and craving for high-calorie foods. This phenomenon is called ‘the munchies’ commonly. So, make a conscious decision about what you eat during weed smoking.

Does Weed Have Calories?


Calories from Vaping 

In vaping Cannabis, the weed bud or extract oil is heated to create a vapor for inhaling. Like smoking, vaping weed does not directly increase your weight gain but will have a similar effect, causing the munchies phenomenon. So, it can indirectly promote weight gain if you are not mindful of what you eat during vaping.

Calories in Edibles 

When it comes to consuming weeds in edibles, things begin to change. Unlike vaping or smoking weed, edibles have more calories due to the additional ingredients such as sugar, fats, flour, etc.

Also, different edibles have different calorie counts based on the other ingredients. So, if you are cutting down your calorie intake to meet your fitness goals, then weed edibles may not be the safest option, as every food has its calorie count (besides water).

Calories from Taking Sublingual 

Sublinguals are placed under the tongue for quick and easy absorption through spray or tincture. They have minimal calories that do not significantly affect your calorie intake. However, it can also increase your appetite and influence indirect weight gain.

Low-Calorie Weed Edible Alternatives 

Here are some low-calorie weed edible alternatives that you can incorporate into your diet plan to reduce the chances of calorie intake with weed ingestion-

  • Infused Tea – Weed-infused tea is one of the most popular low-calorie weed edible alternatives that help you surpass the strong smell and taste of weed without adding to your calorie count. You get a vast range of flavors to explore in herbal tea, and it has few calories. So, weed-infused tea is an excellent alternative to weed edibles.
  • Low-Sugar Baked Items –Besides the weed-infused herbal tea, low or no-calorie baked goods are also good alternatives. Using low-calorie ingredients can make your edible healthy.
  • Infused Fruit Popsicles – Another low-calorie weed edible alternative is fruit popsicles with few calories.


Cannabis or weed naturally has a small amount of calories in its chemical structure. However, the amount is too low or insufficient to make any significant change in your dietary plan. However, weed edibles have higher calories due to the additional ingredients. So, if you do not want to add more calories while consuming weeds, you can opt for other low-calorie alternatives.

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