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Does Weed Attract Bears?

by Crystal Wilson
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Packing your bags now and then and exploring the great outdoors for a few days is always great. While some may take a few hours of walking to the forests, others may want to set up a camp under the stars and spend some quality time in nature. If you are a stoner or like to smoke occasionally, what could be better than smoking weed while being surrounded by greenery? But as great as this sounds, you must consider the threats of camping outdoors with weed and food. Does weed attract bears is very important thing you should know before going for a hike.

Many animals have a powerful olfactory sense and get attracted to your snacks or weed. It is especially true for bears with a strong-smelling sense, seven times more than a police dog.

Does Weed Attract Bears?


Can Bears Get Attracted to Cannabis? 

Lately, marijuana has attracted the most attention because of extensive research showing innumerable effects of cannabis on your pets. And you wonder if bears can feel some things. However, not many studies offer the answer as to whether bears are attracted to marijuana.

But you can encounter information on how bears have the keenest olfactory sense. Moreover, their range of smelling senses also differs broadly. Hence, you can be one or two miles away from the bear, and they can easily track down the smallest amount of weed you may be carrying.

Why Do Weed Attract Bears?

Bears have a rich diet and eat everything from birds, fishes, and earthworms to all types of plants, like nuts, fruits, seeds, mushrooms, and berries. Their diet consists of several aromas and flavors in many cannabis strains that most stoners carry. As a result, the scent of weed also attracts bears.

Therefore, to answer your question, bears can get attracted by weed. As a considerable tip, when carrying weed on your expedition in areas with bears, carefully store your stash in a container that leaks no smell. Otherwise, your party may have to deal with massive, furry intruders attracted by aromatic cannabis.

Which Strains Possible Attract Bears?

A maximum number of potheads enjoy consuming weed with fruity aromas and flavors. These can vary from palatable sweet flavors to exciting citrusy tones. Sadly, your tastes may coincide with the bears in your nearby woods.

A bear’s diet may comprise all the fruits and flavors you enjoy in your weed. Hence, strains with fruity essence may attract these animals the most. You may come across several fruity strains for cannabis usage.

But there are a few options that emit a much stronger scent, and taking them on your hiking adventure or when camping under the moonlight in the forests is necessary to avoid. These include:

● Kosher Kush

● Strawberry Cough

● Black Cherry Soda

● Plush Berry

● Space Queen

Does Weed Attract Bears?


Does Weed Attract Bears? What Type of Bears

Bears are relatively large animals that have an extensive diet and are omnivorous. Hence, they enjoy eating plants and animals. Generally, any bear species in your area can get attracted to the stench of weed coming from your bag.

However, if you are living in the US, two common bear species that you are likely to encounter when roaming in the woods smoking weed include:

● The Ursus Americanus 

Commonly known as the American black bear, it is the most found species in America. It means out of 50 states of the country, about 40 are home to these species. While most of these bears are black, some also have pale shades of brown or white.

While these count among the smallest species of bears, their average weight falls between 140 to 147 kgs. So, if you do not wish to meet these massive wild animals, not carrying the above-discussed cannabis strains is ideal.

Instead, it is best to avoid taking weed to areas with bears to prevent attacks. If you do, keep your stash in a leak-proof container that prevents your bag and you from smelling like weed.

● The Popular Grizzly Bear

Another species that you must be familiar with is grizzly bears. These rank at third position in North America for being the largest omnivore. It is a fearful size with a height of 7.8 feet on its back legs and a weight of 549 kg.

Grizzlies are known as the most ferocious and hostile bear species by everyone around the world. Every year in the US, you can encounter innumerable cases of bear attacks on people, with grizzly bears being most of them. For the most part, these cases include meeting bears by chance, which causes the bear to be surprised.


Bears stand among the several species with a powerful sense of smell. Hence, they can easily sniff your scent while being miles away. Therefore, undoubtedly, they can also smell your stash’s scent. Considering a bear’s diet, the weed’s nature will decide if the bear will get attracted to your camping area.

Hence, when on a walk or camping in the woods, you should be more careful about the smells that have a greater chance of attracting a wild experience.

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