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Cannabis Quantities: What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub, And A Key?

by Crystal Wilson
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Cannabis Quantities: What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub, And A Key?

The terminology of cannabis, sometimes referred to as marijuana or pot, is unique and reflects the rich culture around its usage. Slang terms have evolved in this way of life to indicate different cannabis dosages. If you’re just starting the cannabis industry, all these phrases may seem foreign. You may be confused about the cannabis quantities terms like “nick,” “dime,” “dub,” and “key”? In this piece by TrustedCBDReviews, we’ll define these slang phrases and explain the coded language used to describe cannabis amounts.

A Guide to Cannabis Quantities

The Nick: A Tiny Taste

The phrase “nick” is commonly used to refer to a small amount of marijuana. The standard weight is one gram or less. Although its exact origin is unknown, the term is said to have been derived from the phrase “nickel bag.” A tiny bag of cannabis, often costing approximately $5, is often referred to by this phrase. The lowest amount of cannabis that one can buy is a nick. In some places, they may be as little as half a gram.

The Dime: A Small Investment

When referring to the cost of marijuana, the phrase “Dime” commonly means a small amount. It’s slang for the amount of weed you can get for 10 bucks in some locations. A dime bag typically contains about 2 grams of marijuana. However, there are differences depending on things like geography and product quality.

Cannabis Quantities: What Is A Nick, A Dime, A Dub, And A Key?

People looking for a tiny cache of cannabis without spending much money might benefit from dime bags. Users who only need a little bit here and there and don’t want to make a significant investment in greater amounts favor them. The low price is a big part of the dime bag’s allure. For people who don’t partake in cannabis quantities daily, this makes it a convenient option for parties and personal use.

The phrase “dime bag” refers to a small amount of cannabis that one may purchase cheaply. For those who prefer a more subdued cannabis high without breaking the bank, this is a great alternative.

The Dub: More Value For The Money

“Dub sack” refers to a bag of marijuana that costs around twenty dollars. This is a practical compromise between “nick and dime” numbers and bulkier orders. The dub is a popular option among frequent cannabis consumers, typically containing between two and three grams of the drug. However, there are dealers out there who could provide you with closer to four grams.

Its allure comes from achieving an excellent middle ground between low cost and high quantity. You’ll get more for your money than with nicks and dime bags. The dub bag is perfect for chronic marijuana users who don’t want to shell out a lot of cash at once. It’s a cheap way for people to save a decent emergency fund. It is a valuable and inexpensive option.

The Key: A Serious Investment

If you’re in the market for a lot of marijuana, you might hear the word “key.” It’s a big deal, monetarily and in terms of how much you’ll spend. In the cannabis subculture, a “key” refers to a kilogram of 1,000 grams or around 2.2 pounds.

Individual customers seldom buy in such large quantities. People who work in the cannabis sector daily are more likely to identify with this term. Keys are purchased mainly by cultivators, wholesalers, and major retailers to suit the market’s needs.

Buying a key is serious business and should not be entered into carelessly. There is a high cost involved, as well as legal factors to think about. The distribution of cannabis is impossible without keys. They ensure adequate supply for smaller packages like nicks, dime bags, and dub sacks.


If you want to get about more quickly in the cannabis world, learning the slang names for different amounts of cannabis quantities is an excellent place to start. Knowing the distinction between nick, dime, dub, and key might be helpful whether you’re a first-time user searching for a taste or a seasoned buyer hoping to save money.

New slang phrases may arise as the cannabis culture develops, but the four classic terms will likely stay vital in the pot industry for years. Whether you’re new to the cannabis scene or an old pro, you’ll recognize these expressions as part of the lingo that unites stoners everywhere.

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